Grate Seal 50mm
Grate Seal 50mm

Grate Seal 50mm

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Create a permanent and maintenance free, one-way seal for 2" or 50mm floor and shower drains with the GS50 Grate Seal®.

The GS50 Grate Seal® is a specially designed rubber, one-way valve that is easily retro-fitted into 2" or 50mm floor and shower drains preventing sewer gases, airborne bacteria, soap suds, vermin and noise from making their way out of the drainage system into habitable areas.

As a WaterMark® approved product, the one way valve does not restrict flow, and the flow rates achieved more than cope with the maximum allowable flows from plumbing fixtures such as showers. Unlike other products on the market, a water seal is not required for Grate Seal® to be 100% effective making Grate Seal a permanent and maintenance free solution.

Grate Seal® is produced from an antimicrobial polymer compound making it durable and resistant to breaking down and allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications, including the medical and commercial field. Grate Seal® is supplied at a low cost considering the problems that are resolved without having to remove or replace tiled surfaces. 

  • Unit is one piece and self cleansing.
  • No ridges or braces to obstruct or catch waste.
  • No fixing required as the seal stays in place through friction.
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