Help keep your home COVID-free with Grate Seal

Grate Seal is an excellent, proven solution when it comes to bad odours and nasty insects entering your living or working space through drains. However, it has become tragically evident recently that other, far more nefarious and deadly agents can make their way through ventilated gaps as well.


The COVID pandemic has upended all of our lives over the past couple years and necessity has driven scientists to learn more and more about the pandemic and how it spreads. When the virus first became widespread in early 2020 it was thought it was only spread through direct contact and droplets expelled by an infected person either sneezing or coughing. More recently it has become apparent the virus, especially the newer Delta variant, is actually airborne, which is running rampant around the globe. As of mid-August 2021, approximately four and a half million people have succumbed to the virus and while vaccination efforts are ramping up, the virus will be with us for the foreseeable future.

Countries like Australia have used a system of hotel quarantine to isolate potentially infectious people who have returned from countries with high case-loads. This system has worked reasonably well, however there have been a number of cases where the disease has spread due to air being able to move between rooms. Basically hotels and similar apartment buildings are designed to be comfortable and are not hermetically sealed.

One of the key methods used to detect the spread of the virus in the community is through taking wastewater samples. It sounds a bit gross, but basically scientists look at poo for traces of the virus. Poorly or incorrectly ventilated drains can allow direct airflow between living and working spaces such as apartments and offices, and with that air can come the virus.

Director of CSIRO's Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness, Professor Trevor Drew

You can close off this transmission vector and help protect yourself with Grate Seal. Grate Seal is an easy to install and effective method to eliminate airflow from drains into your home or business. The simple rubber valve system allows wastewater through into the drain and then automatically closes to help prevent anything coming back the other way. We have a variety of shower and floor drain seals available and have just released a new product line, The Grate Seal Basin Waste. It installs directly into basins to give you even more protection. The new Grate Seal Basin Waste is available in 40mm and 32mm to cover all basin sizes.

If COVID has taught us one thing it is that we’re all in this together and as always, we’re here to help you. If there is anything we can do to help you create a safer, less odorous environment in your home or office please feel free to contact us today.

Thank you and stay safe from the team at GrateSeal

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