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Stop smelly drains!

Grate Seal® is a permanent and maintenance free, one-way valve that is easily retro-fitted into shower drains and floor wastes.

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Grate Seal - Easy to install

So easy to install

How to install

Stops odours

Suitable for all size and type pipes

Install and uninstall in minutes

No alteration to existing outlets

Completely maintenance free

Stops insects passing through grates

Permanent, cost effective solutions

Stops suds rising through floor grates

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What our customers say

Grate Seal was installed in the building where floor wastes were regularly drying out, allowing the gases to permeate into rest rooms and plant rooms.

Masonic Towers, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Grate Seal has been installed in the many bathroom amenities, plant room floor wastes and tundishes throughout the campus to overcome smelly drains. Prior to the installation of Grate Seal there have been cases where sewer gases have been drawn into the air conditioning, then flowing through into habitable areas.

University of New South Wales Kensington, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Grate Seal was installed in the commercial kitchens and laundry facilities to overcome smelly drains, slippery floors from soap suds and to prevent cockroaches coming up out of drains. These issues were overcome by the installation of Grate Seal.

Crown Plaza Hotel, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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