Introducing the Grate Seal Bucket Trap (GSBT)

What is a bucket trap?

To put it simply, a bucket trap is a filter that is installed into floor drains to prevent solids from entering. A bucket trap generally consists of a housing that slots into the drain and then the mesh bucket fits into the housing to collect solids. The drain grate then fits over the top of the trap. A bucket trap enables you to do some basic drain maintenance yourself without using nasty chemicals or going to the expense of calling a plumber.

For example, in household use, this can include common things like hair, soap chunks, jewellery and plastic items (we’re talking to you hair-ties and Lego!!!). In places like a commercial kitchen, food scraps can enter and create blockages, or in a factory, small pieces of metal (and a million other things) can also end up where they’re not wanted, in your drains.

As many of us can attest to, a blocked drain can be an incredibly inconvenient event and in a commercial setting a liability. Blockages also seem to always follow Murphy’s Law – they almost always happen at the worst possible time!

Why should I purchase a GSBT?

Traditionally bucket traps are made from stainless steel and are also generally integrated into the outlet itself. This means the housing can’t be removed easily for maintenance purposes and both the drain and the bucket trap itself can be damaged, which can lead to a very inconvenient, very expensive headache. In a commercial setting a broken drain can even mean stopping production for safety and hygiene purposes which is every business owners’ nightmare.
We have recently developed our own simple solution, the Grate Seal Bucket Trap (GSBT). At Grate Seal we specialise in manufacturing easy to install, easy to maintain, extremely durable and cost-effective drainage solutions and are proud of our reputation for great quality and great service.

The (GSBT) is a commercial-grade trap, manufactured using high-end elastomeric & polymer materials and is designed to fit into existing drains. It fits under the existing drain cover so it doesn’t have any aesthetic effect on the floor’s surface and very importantly also works with existing fire collars.

To purchase a GSBT, click on this link.

How do I install a GSBT?

We’ve developed at simple how-to guide, seen below to help you install the GSBT. As always, if you have any questions about installation or use feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Grate Seal Bucket Trap isntallation

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