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  • Grate Seal 100mm - 80mm
  • Grate Seal 50mm
  • Grate Seal Basin Waste
  • Grate Seal Bucket Trap

How it works...

How Grate Seal Works

Grate Seal® is a Watermark™ approved, specially designed rubber, one-way valve, which uses a friction seal to hold fast in place while still achieving flow rates that more than cope with the maximum allowable flows from plumbing fixtures such as showers.

How Grate Seal Works

Designed with world wide application, there is a Grate Seal® to suit you! Available in 2 inch/50mm, 3 inch/80mm and 4 inch/100mm variants, Grate Seal® takes only minutes to install and requires no modification of your existing drain or floor waste.

How Grate Seal Works

The Grate Seal® is specifically designed to stop sewer smells and hazardous odours, disease carrying airborne mould and bacteria, vermin and cockroaches, sewer back-wash, suds and even noise coming from drains into habitable areas.

Made from a flexible, antimicrobial polymer, Grate Seal® is a permanent and maintenance free, one-way valve that is easily retro-fitted into drains and floor wastes.
  • Sewer smells and hazardous odours
  • Disease carrying airborne mould and bacteria
  • Vermin and cockroaches
  • Sewer back-wash
  • Suds
  • Even noise coming from drains into habitable areas

It's so easy to install!

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