Why a Grate Seal is a Great Investment

The Grate Seal is an extremely simple, one-way rubber valve you install into your shower and floor drains. So, what does a Grate Seal do and why is it a good investment for your home or business?

Stop drain odours

Nobody likes smelling sewer gas. Smells can be upsetting to visitors or off-putting to occupants, making your home seem less like home and your place of work less comfortable and less productive. The Grate Seal stops sewer gases from coming back through your pipes into your living or working area. It is an extremely easy, long-term solution what is a simple problem that people can just let go for years.

One of the biggest problems is people who live and work with a particular odour become accustomed to it (just ask any plumber!), and you will stop realising there is a bad smell. The problem is that visitors to your home, or customers coming to your business are not used to the smell and it will affect them. Most people are polite by nature and they probably won’t tell you if something stinks. The reputation of your home as a nice place to visit, or your business as a place where customers feel at ease (and therefore more likely to return), can be affected by a problem you may well have forgotten you have. The Grate Seal is a an inexpensive, easy to install solution to this problem and it will last for years and years. 

Stop insects

Up there on the list of things people don’t like, are unexpected visitors of the insect variety. You may think that insects only enter your home or workplace from the exterior of the premises.

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Your drains provide the perfect breeding ground for a variety of winged nasties from drain flies to potentially disease carrying mosquitoes. A combination of shelter, available nutrients, relatively warm temperatures, stability and access to open spaces are an ideal place for insects to breed. Installing Grate Seals in your shower and floor drains is the easy way to prevent insects from entering your home… from right under your feet.

Stop soap bubbles

If your drains don’t flow particularly well, soap and detergent bubbles can enter the room via your shower or floor drains. The Grate Seal’s simple rubber valve doesn’t just stop odours and insects, it also stops soap bubbles from coming back into the room.

Mask plumbing problems

If you are experiencing drain odour, venting or insect problems and are looking to update or repair your plumbing before selling or leasing your home or business, installing a Grate Seal is a great fix that can mask your problem while you wait for a permanent repair to your system. Removing odours can help give you the confidence you need to maximise results when presenting your property to a prospective buyer or customer.

Peace of mind that will last for years

The beauty of the Grate Seal lies in the simplicity of its design and durability of the flexible rubber used in its fabrication. Installing a Grate Seal is dead easy, just remove your grate cover, wipe down the entrance to your pipes, and slot in the Grate Seal. It comes in a variety of sizes that cover most standard drains and once it is installed, it will last for a very long time – we still still seek out and get feedback from our very first customers and even today, after years of service, the Grate Seal is performing as good as the first day it was installed.

The Grate Seal can be one of the easiest and most cost effective investments you can make for your home or business. You can view a video on how the Grate Seal works, or if you have any questions on how Grate Seal can work for you, contact us today  via our website, or through Facebook and we'll be more than happy to assist you. You can also purchase a Grate Seal here and we'll have it delivered to your door.

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