DIY Tips for Maximising your Property Sale Results

We all want to maximise the final sale price when we're putting a property on the market. As much as property investors and owners would love for markets to only ever go up, the property market, like the share market, runs through cycles. In the long term, the price will increase, but those caught in a low or flat part of the cycle can easily become disillusioned.

Even if you're not selling the property but are trying to rent it out, the same rules apply.

Whether the property market is going up or down, but especially when the market is slow, it is important to give your property every advantage you can.

You can of course do an expensive renovation or hire a decorator, but if you don’t have the budget or just want to take a more hands on approach, these simple do-it-yourself tasks can be a big help. In future blogs we'll be looking at even more ways to help optimise your property sale, but this should be a great start.

Make a list

Planning is everything and a good attack plan can make all the difference when selling a home or property. Before you do anything, go around the entire property and make a list of everything you think can be improved on. Be as methodical as possible and don’t avoid adding things to the list because they seem too big a problem. By the time you tick off the smaller problems the larger may not seem so big. At the very least, staying aware of larger problems will help you explain them should you be asked.

Keep it clean and tidy

First impressions count, especially when selling a property, and a dirty property can sap the confidence of not just an aspiring buyer but importantly yours - you are the one selling the property either directly to a buyer or through an agent. Confidence is everything. Don't forget, customers who look for the smallest blemish and are satisfied are more likely to pay a premium.

On the inside...

Marks on walls, stains on carpets, mould in bathrooms can immediately signal to a potential buyer that the property hasn’t been cared for and there could be worse problems to be found!

...And on the outside

Before a buyer sees the inside, they will see the outside. Make sure the exterior of the property is as clean as possible.

If you are selling a unit, do what you can to de-clutter and brighten up the entrance. Ensure the lighting on the hall is adequate (you may need strata permission for this).

Get into the garden or on to the balcony. A lot of potential buyers will see the garden as the place they can escape to - give them a nice place to escape to! Get rid of the weeds, mow the lawn, plant some blooming flowers and remove any rubbish.

Create space

If the property is small, it is important to make the available space appear as large as possible but the same principles can apply even if the property is large - more is always better when it comes to property! This can be aided by removing any unnecessary furniture, but keep enough to show the function of the space.

One of the most simple methods to create the illusion of more space is to hang a large mirror on a wall. The reflection adds visual depth to a room.

You can also paint a feature wall to create contrast in the room. Avoid dark colours - use a bright, friendly colour, like yellow to add warmth.

Hanging art on a distant wall, while keeping the other walls clear, is a good way of drawing the buyer’s focus into the room.

Follow your nose

The way a property smells is easily as important as the way it looks. As soon as the buyer has moved past that very first look the other senses will kick in.

When you clean the property think about using an air freshener that heightens the sense of cleanliness. Avoid floral scents and instead go for more citrus and pine varieties. Regardless of your final choice, don’t go overboard or the buyer may think you’re trying to cover something up!

The drains in your property can be a major source of odours. Musty or sewer smells are a deal-breaker so make sure you clean your drains and think about installing Grate Seals where possible to help guarantee a pleasant environment. You can see the range of Grate Seals here, or if you have any questions about which is right for you, contact us today.

One final, left of field tip is, on the day of the showing, think about baking a cake or bread (or at least re-heating a store-bought product!) in the oven. The smell of freshly baked bread is extremely inviting. On the flip side, in the days leading up to the showing, don’t cook anything too strong like curries or overly oniony or garlicky food.

Call in a friend

You know your property better than anyone but you should think about getting someone you know to go through the property and make their own list of things that need improving. Someone who isn’t as familiar with a property may notice things that you may never even think of!

If you are selling or leasing through an agent, become their best friend and get every single bit of help you can. Their commission is dependent on the outcome.

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