A bit of planning makes cleaning less of a chore

Spring has just sprung and it is time to apply a bit of elbow grease to your home or office. Spring cleaning serves a number of purposes - clearing away the Winter’s neglect and getting things done now so you can enjoy the warmer months with less worry.

In this and in the following blogs, we’ll be sharing a number of tips and tricks to help you take the pain out of spring cleaning and make the job as thorough as possible. First up we'll be looking at an overall battle strategy you can apply to Spring cleaning.

Cleaning your home. Great Tips from Grate Seal

Cleaning strategies

    Make a list

    Being organised right from the get-go will save you the trouble of having to go back a day or two later to clean up the spots you’ve missed. Be methodical with your list. You may find the list ends up longer than you’d like but you will also get that extra sense of accomplishment as you tick things off.

    Make sure you’re stocked up

    It is never much fun having to go back to the store for more product XYZ or prepare another batch of home cleaners or cloths/brushes etc because you didn’t allow enough to get the job done. It is frequently more expensive to!

    Cleaning solutions

    Once you have your list of what needs to be done, make sure you have the cleaning solutions/soaps and enough of them on hand to do the job. If you are using store bought cleaners, make sure you read the instructions. If you are using homemade cleaners, have a look at the recipes below.

    If you have a need we don’t cover in this blog, enter the specifics into a search engine plus the word ‘homemade’ and you’ll be surprised how many things pop up! A word to the wise though - if you are unsure about a homemade cleaner, always do a small test first to make sure the solution doesn’t damage to surface/item.

    Take a top to bottom approach for the whole house

    Gravity is a cleaner’s best friend and this is perhaps the most important thing to remember when cleaning. Starting at the bottom and working your way up generally means you’ll need to clean the bottom again.

    Circle around rooms

    When cleaning individual rooms, it is best to start and finish in the same place. Zig-zagging across a room makes it easier to miss areas.

    Take it outside

      After you've finished with the inside it is time to hit the exterior of you home. We'll be looking into this in more detail in a later blog.

      Floors go last

      Once you have finished cleaning the rooms and attending to the outside you can get on to cleaning the floors. This follows the top-down approach mentioned above as inevitably dust, dirt and other detritus will find its way to your floors. Another great sub-tip for floors is to start at the far side of the room and work your way back to the entry/exit.

      In our next blog...

      We'll be taking a look at homemade cleaning solutions to save you from using harsh chemicals. We've already touched on this subject in a previous blog, A natural method for cleaning drains and fighting odours. There are other methods and ways we'll be sharing with you that can be used around the home or business.

      If you're specifically after a way to get rid of odours and stop insects coming from your floor and shower drains, check out our range of Grate Seal Products here. This durable one-way rubber valve is easily inserted into the drain and lasts for years and years.

      We also have loads of great tips and tricks to help with all sorts of problems in our Grate Tips blog series and are adding more and more regularly. You can check them all out here.

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